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Important Information About Health Insurance Rebates

Under the Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) program, which is included in the Affordable Care Act (ACA),the health reform law, your employer or policyholder will be receiving a rebate check based on the employer’s Medical Loss Ratio (MLR).

The impact to you is that a portion of the premiums paid to Allegian Insurance Company for health insurance coverage in 2016 is being rebated to your employer. How the rebate is subsequently distributed to subscribers is at the discretion of the employer within the Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) program rules. A notice and Frequently Asked Questions were sent to you regarding this information. Sample letter, FAQ's, and the Notice of Health Insurance Premium Rebate are listed below for your reference and convenience.

Sample MLR Notification to Subscribers and FAQs
Notice of Health Insurance Premium Rebate

For more information about Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) please visit the following resources:


Dear TRS-ActiveCare Participants:

The Teacher Retirement System of Texas has approved Allegian Health Plans, Inc., as an HMO option under TRS-ActiveCare for the 2016-2017 plan year. Eligible employees have the option of selecting Allegian Health Plans with no health questions asked or proof of insurability required during the plan enrollment period. Allegian Health Plans is a locally owned and operated health plan.

Allegian Health Plans provides quality health care services to its enrolled participants through a large network of physicians, hospitals, clinics, and other ancillary providers.

All of us at Allegian Health Plans look forward to servicing you in the coming year.

For more information, please visit www.trs.texas.gov

TRS-ActiveCare members, find a physician here.

Prior Authorization Notice

Some medical services and prescription drugs require a prior authorization before members can receive them. Please check with your Primary Care Provider, who will request prior authorizations for you. The medical services and prescription drugs that require prior authorization may change at the start of or during the plan year.

Visit your member portal to look up benefits, check your claim status, and much more.

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