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2017 PPO Provider Directory (All Counties)PDF1.26 MB22 Mar, 2017 Download
2017 PPO Provider Directory (El Paso County)PDF318.51 KB21 Mar, 2017 Download
2017 HMO Provider Directory (El Paso County)PDF300.77 KB27 Jan, 2017 Download
2017 HMO Provider Directory (All Counties) *PDF1.29 MB27 Jan, 2017 Download

*TRS-ActiveCare members, download this directory

Allegian Health Plans conducts various activities such as confirmation of information during visits with providers, annual and other more frequent review activities to help further ensure the accuracy of the information presented in the provider directory, however; Allegian Health Plans has made every effort to ensure the information included in our Provider Directories is current and accurate. Since the information contained in the directories is given to Allegian Health Plans via the providers themselves, Allegian Health Plans cannot be responsible for inaccuracies within the provider entries.

The presence of any given provider in our directories at any time does not assure, affirm or attest that:

  • The provider is accepting new patients
  • The provider is part of a certain network
  • Allegian Health Plans covers services performed by the provider
To ensure that a provider is in our network and/or is accepting new patients, please call the provider directly. You may also contact Allegian Health Plans’ member services to confirm your coverage.

Visit your member portal to look up benefits, check your claim status, and much more.

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